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Remember the future

Parasite Eyewear gagne le Silmo d’Or 2016 !

Premium Underground Eyewear

In 2002, Parasite revolutionized the eyewear industry with its introduction
of the active «STEREO» system. Since then, the brand, always independent,
has positioned itself as a leader of design and innovation.

Wearing Parasite is an odyssey to our deepest nature
to reveal our "super self". Parasite is a transcendence
of nature, a supernatural interpretation of reality.
The Parasite universe is an enlightened vision
of contemporary social themes projected
in a world of anticipation.
Hugo Martin, Founder

& Made in France

Comfort and lightness are the driving forces of our product design.
Manufactured in France, our product is of exceptional quality.
Every season, Parasite works on limited edition “concept eyewear”,
a real experimental eyewear lab.